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Why Use A Return/Refund Policy

Most e-commerce stores should have a Return or Refund Policy.

Customers must be informed about their rights to refunds. This Policy is the page where businesses informs customers about their policy on return and refunds.

This agreement is part of the 3 legal agreements your e-commerce business should have:

  1. Return and Refund Policy. Use this agreement to inform users about your policy on returns and refunds.
  2. Privacy Policy.

    This is required by law.

    Use this agreement to inform uses about your privacy practices and what kind of personal data you collect from users.

    If you collect any kind of personal data from your users (e.g. email addresses, first and last names),you’re required by law to have this agreement.

    Use the Privacy Policy Generator to create yours today or download the free template.

  3. Terms and Conditions.

    This is optional, but recommended.

    Use this agreement to set the rules and guidelines for users when they register an account with you.

    You could add the Return and Refund Policy in your Terms and Conditions rather than having a separate agreement on returns.

    Use the Terms & Conditions Generator to create yours today or download the free template.

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